It’s here, and it’s mine! And I can sleep.

It’s exhausting just thinking about the wait, from first seeing a few pictures of it on 18th February to it finally being delivered to my door tonight. All the time spent inspecting the pictures supplied by the garage in minute detail, the time spent tracking it on board the Mercury Ace as it made it’s way at 18 kts  from Japan to Southampton, then the final stretch when I knew it was in the country getting an MOT and it’s registration, it’s been knackering!

Not to mention the thoughts in my head about what condition it would actually be in causing me lost sleep. Would it be dented like a golf ball? Would the engine or gearbox be shagged? Is it rusty (like another one they had in stock)? These doubts were relentless as I tried to keep a brave face.

I now know what it looks like, what condition it’s in cosmetically, but mechanically? I have no idea until I drive it and have it checked over by someone more expert than me.

But it’s here now and I’m a lot more relaxed. I now know it’s been a (heavy) smokers car and wants a complete deep deodorising! I know it’s got 4 good quality Yokohama tyres with lots of tread, that it’s got nice 18″ wheels, and very importantly, the curtains work!

So, here it is sat on my drive at last. Cheers.

Arrived Arrived Arrived

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