Shoes strictly prohibited.

I love looking through a Japanese import to see what the previous owner(s) left behind when they moved it on.

Both Skylines had a couple of things left behind: The (I presume anyway) first petrol receipt dated around the time of first registration in Japan, coins and a couple of Picachu type stickers.

The Elgrand has so far given up the following:

  • Japanese SatNav DVD (absolutely useless outside of Japan)
  • an unknown remote control, possibly for a TV or multimedia gadget installed somewhere in the bus. Again, next to useless over here
  • a small clear plastic case
  • a small red feather with a sticker on it
  • two pairs of white cotton gloves
  • a roll of white packing tape
  • several yellow stickers inside the doors and steps saying ‘Shoes strictly prohibited’

Shoes strictly prohibited SatNav DVD Plastic Case Remote Control Gloves & Tape

Edit to add that my Son found a Japanese MiniDisc in the head unit with some cool Japanese tunes on!

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