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It’s here, and it’s mine! And I can sleep.

It’s exhausting just thinking about the wait, from first seeing a few pictures of it on 18th February to it finally being delivered to my door tonight. All the time spent inspecting the pictures supplied by the garage in minute detail, the time spent tracking it on board the Mercury Ace as it made it’s way at 18 kts  from Japan to Southampton, then the final stretch when I knew it was in the country getting an MOT and it’s registration, it’s been knackering!

Not to mention the thoughts in my head about what condition it would actually be in causing me lost sleep. Would it be dented like a golf ball? Would the engine or gearbox be shagged? Is it rusty (like another one they had in stock)? These doubts were relentless as I tried to keep a brave face.

I now know what it looks like, what condition it’s in cosmetically, but mechanically? I have no idea until I drive it and have it checked over by someone more expert than me.

But it’s here now and I’m a lot more relaxed. I now know it’s been a (heavy) smokers car and wants a complete deep deodorising! I know it’s got 4 good quality Yokohama tyres with lots of tread, that it’s got nice 18″ wheels, and very importantly, the curtains work!

So, here it is sat on my drive at last. Cheers.

Arrived Arrived Arrived

Almost here!

Today the garage contacted me to say that apart from the reg document not coming through from the DVLA yet the bus is ready for me. They also want me to have it as they need the space for more stock arriving this week. Hey, not really my problem but I’m happy to be getting it sooner than I thought, and delivered too (for the cost of the fuel, of course, which will save me the cost of a couple of train tickets and taxi fares).

The plan then is for them to drop it off at my house tomorrow evening. I’ll have a good look around it to make sure it’s as I was promised and pay the balance. Once I get the registration I can insure it and get plates made up and It’ll be on the road.

This is a very different way to buy a car from what I’m used to, and I’m not sure I want to do it like this again as right now I’m as apprehensive as I am excited. It’s been with them since around 19th April and it’s getting a couple of bodywork issues sorted tomorrow morning..? It may be a total lemon dumped on my yard but I’m trying not to think like that.

The garage specialise in this kind of vehicle and the Internet gives dissatisfied buyers an opportunity to make other potential buyers aware of any shenanigans, so it’s not in their best interest to try and pull a fast one. However this story plays out I’ll let people know over at the Elgrand OC.

Tomorrow does bring an amount of comfort though that I won’t have to stress about getting it insured to collect it and also there’s no travel to sort either. It can sit on my yard until I’ve got everything in place.

My finger nails are even shorter than usual.

…Midnight gets closer…

Yes that title does come from Pinball Dreams on the Amiga from waaay back in 1992 but feels kind of apt right now.  It’s under two days now until the bus arrives at Southampton, and from then there’s 2-3 weeks to wait while it’s MOT’d/cleaned/tidied up/registered before I can drive it home.

I’ve been excited for the past two+ months but it’s getting worse now and it suddenly feels very close. Roll on May!

February 2016 and I’m buying an Elgrand

Finally after a lot of hunting I put a deposit down on a 2003 E51 Rider in pearl white.

It looks pretty clean, is AWD (a requirement), has twin sunroofs, DVD screen, reversing camera, electric side door and curtains and is the non-‘S’ variant with cream leather interior. It has the 3.5 litre V6 engine from the Nissan 350Z. The reason for going for this particular van was that it was just getting on a boat to Southampton and would be ready for collection in early May, a couple of weeks before we drive through France for a holiday.

I just have to wait now, and it’s an absolute killer!